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Choose The Perfect Graphic Designer For Your Artwork

Are you looking for a graphic designer to produce artwork that matches the style of your business? Read on for our top 5 picks!

How To Choose The Perfect Graphic Designer For Your Artwork - Printing & Graphic Design Tips - BAM Print Perth

Looking for a graphic designer or even thinking about DIY branding?

We often get asked if we offer design services and while we could 100% put a design together for
you, we are not graphic designers and at this stage in our business journey, we do not plan to offer
this service.

However, we know you need a design if you are coming to us for print so we have
created a list of options for you, with links, so that you can work out the best fit for you and your

Also, if you scroll to the bottom you will find links to the most budget friendly options we know of
(including a DIY option). So here goes…….

Createcon Design – Regan – Brand Designer & Strategist

Kustom Graphic Design – Emily – Creative Solutions For Your Brand

Megan Hammond Design – Megan – Graphic Design And All The Things

Moneypenny Designs – Cynthia – Freelance Graphic Designer with 30+ Years Experience

Pink Tank Creative – Jessy – Brand Designer And Photographer

Many graphic designers have very different styles, so be sure to choose the one that aligns best with
you and your business.

If you are looking for a more budget friendly option, or need more than a brand design package, you
can try these…..


This is a marketplace for freelancers so you will find much more than just graphic design options.
Just click the link below (so they know we sent you) and search for what you need


Now I’m sure most of you have already heard of this one. It is a DIY design option and the
opportunities really are endless on this platform. However, you do have to do it yourself. Canva does
have free templates that you can use with lots of option available, however, they also have a Pro
version which is a monthly subscription (or you can choose a one off annual payment) which gives
you access to additional features such as premium content, background remover (because we all
know how difficult getting the right background is), options to schedule your social media posts,
your brand kit to keep you on brand with your designs and soooo much more.

Just click this link (so they know we sent you) and their easy to use website will guide you along the

We wish you all the very best with your graphic design adventures and can’t wait to see the amazing artwork that is produced from it!

Already got your artwork sorted?

Check out our huge range of products here!

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